The design of the working space area should not be done with a hurry-scurry. If it is designed the wrong way, then, the work happened there can get messy. You do not need to make the office look luxurious or ever grand. A simple design sometimes can be an option because of the clean, and free view.

If you plan to remodel the workplace to become a cozy and pleasant place, you probably need to reach Express Fitouts. They are commercial fitouts Canberra which will offer you help designed the office as you wish. Here are some office style inspirations that you may like to try.

1.The high-tech design

High-tech decoration is a modern decoration that highlights the technology side in your workplace. This design could increase the spirit of working because of the interesting impression. For the color dominant, high-tech design does not have a specific color, you can just use general color. But, the most used color is a wooden-brown color with a white wall.

2. Industrial design

Appeals to be different from another design, industrial style is not using a white wall, moreover, it used a grey wall as a symbol of the industrial working area. This style is unique considering this design makes the office look like a factory in general.

3. Classic design

By applying a classic style, your office would be looking way more elegant and luxurious. To create the perfect classic style, the wall decorations must also be replaced. Try replacing it with abstract paintings in a carved wood frame. All things must be made of wood to appear to be integrated with nature.

4. Scandinavian design

This style is also suitable for you who want to remodel your office with a new atmosphere. By applying this style, your office that tends to look messy and filled with boring corporate colors will feel more soothing. This style is dominated by white color which known to brings a calm sensation for those who see it. Not only that, the white color combined with typical wood accents will make the room feel comfortable and naturals.

5. Monochrome design

Monochrome is a decoration that features black and white colors. The combination of these two colors, which sometimes added by gray, can create an impression of luxury and elegance naturally. The contrast between black and white also creates a strong impression so that employees focus more on working. If you want to get a stronger impression, try to replace your desk lamp with the latest minimalist design. By implementing this office design, your office will look more modern and futuristic.

6. Colorful design

The multicolor design will make the office full of cheerful nuances. For the furniture, try using some furniture with attractive colors, for example, replace the old carpets or wall hangings with the new decoration of soft colors. One note not to forget, avoid using colors that are too “flashy” and collide with each other.

7. Vintage design

This office design is suitable for those of you who have a quiet work office. The combination of soft colors in the wall area combined with cream-colored furniture will create a nice vintage impression.