Building solid teamwork is believed increasing productivity, quality of work, and loyalty to the company. Because a solid team can make the company continue to develop and survive in business competition. Therefore, maintaining collaboration with the team by doing outdoor team building activities with Hidden Door is an important part of a company.

If the teamwork is not maximal and not cooperative, then business development will be stunted and facing many obstacles. However, a work that is done well together feels lighter than doing it alone. Here is what can be done to build solid teamwork in the company.

Choosing a Quality Work Team

Choosing a quality work team to be a foundation to build solid teamwork. Starting by broadcasting choosing a team leader with good leadership. Then, choose your management team with broad business views and creative ideas. Forming an implementation team that knows the business, or marketing teams that have the right marketing strategies.

Building a Sense of Togetherness and Mutual Trust

The key to creating solid teamwork is a sense of togetherness and mutual trust among members of the team. The only method that can be done is to start sharing with a teammate in sadness and happiness. Eliminate the suspicion and start to do something together. The team leader can invite the team to eat or come out together sometimes to make the team closer and more familiar.

Creating an Effective Communication Flow

There is no good collaboration that is not based on good communication. The flow of communication that runs effectively will be one of the factors for keeping a solid team. The key to effective communication is that the message can be delivered and received well between the teammate.

Conducting an Evaluation

Problems and conflicts are not impossible things in teamwork. This can appear because of various factors, such as mistrust, competing, and so forth. However, this will certainly be difficult to measure. Therefore, the best way to find out is to do an evaluation of the performance and goals of the team. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from team members to measure their performance achievement. After getting the results from the evaluation, the team leader can find out the problem and find the right solution to fix it.

Creating Activities Outside the Office

As explained in the previous point, building a sense of togetherness and mutual trust and solid teamwork can be manifested by creating activities outside the office. To better understand the characters and personalities that might different one another, scheduling activities outside for sometimes are important to do.