If your company is planning a factory move, you have a complex journey and enough to drain the energy. Rhenus Lupprian has completed a variety of different moving project services in the UK so that they are already very familiar with the process of moving also plant installation services, each factory move has specific needs and is different from one another.

Plan the Moving Plan Early

Giving enough time to plan. Factory moves bring many complex issues so that you need to plan it in detail in order not making a mistake. Time limitations are the usual thing, but the more time you devote to planning and evaluating risks, the higher your chances of success. This plan will be more important if the company remains to do the production process during the moving period.

There are a lot of things that have to be planned and may make you overwhelmed at first. You may have to use tools for project management to make sure that there are no things forgotten.

Choose the Right Team as the Responsible Person

Each factory relocation project requires a capable team to regulate and execute from a variety of departments. You may have determined the needs of people to design new floor factories, contractors to build new factory facilities and also service companies moving machines to move, store and install your equipment in a new place.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You must be realized in your weaknesses and abilities. Use professional services in areas where you do not have sufficient expertise. You might be able to find a reliable project manager in your organization, but it will be very difficult to find people in an internal organization that knows how to move the factory. Can your production schedule be maintained if your staff must disassemble and package the production machines?

By contacting contractors and company moving services such as Rhenus Lupprians as soon as possible, you get the benefits of being assisted by expert employees during the planning phase. You can also contact the manufacturers of your factory equipment to get the knowledge to plan whether the plant and the consultancy have managed to repair, dismantle and re-install your factory equipment.

Re-Check the Floor in the New Factory

Make sure you have both old and new factories. This plan will be an important tool for your team. Things that must be examined include:

  • Number of complete plant equipment with identification and size
  • Locationutility (water and electricity)
  • Pipeline
  • Other equipment

This manual inspection process can help to identify anything that needs to be moved or replicated in a new location.

An Audit and Documentation of the Machines

Check and documentation your machines. In some cases, you will find that the machines have been in poor condition so that you can decide whether you want to refurbish or relocate or replace them altogether.

It would be better if every machine that would be moved had its identification number. Also, take pictures of machines and special information. Some machines require foundations, particular channel shelter. Make sure you also bring up the machine’s usage instructions, machine maintenance history, parts and program data from each machine.

Rhenus Lupprian has been very experienced in providing moving machines, including machines with special specifications. Our team of experts will discuss with you the best way to move your machines properly.