Australia today, besides being a country that enjoys tourism for several countries, is also one of the countries that enjoy enough study parties. 

Of course, this the way in and out of Australia requires a considerable amount of qualifications and perhaps a stack of documents you will have to prepare. One of the important documents that needed to be prepared was an Australian visa. With an immigration lawyer Bankstown service, your visa may be running smoothly. 

There are many people who want to get an Australian visa but do not know how to get it. Now we have summarized the terms to meet, as well as ways in which you can get an Australian visa, hopefully, help! 

Know your visa 

As with our articles on how and requirements to obtain a visa, before entering into the requirements and manner of creating, we have always explained to you to identify the visa you would like to make. 

Why is that? Because identifying the type of visa you have to make means that you are studying the terms of Australia’s visa creation. This is considering that each type of visa has special requirements that are definitely different 

Visit and Tourist Visa 

For those of you who wish to visit Australia on vacation, visit relatives, transit, visit an event/expo, visit a business, visit, volunteer work, or cruise ship, you can get this type of visa. 

Special visas for visits and tours itself is divided into 14 different types of visas. The first visa is a tourist stream that you can use for a vacation in Australia with a 12-month stay and the cost of making AU $ 140. 

Visa for learning purposes 

If you want to go to Australia for study purposes, you can try a Student Visa to be allowed to stay in Australia during the study period, and require you to enter the full time course at an educational institution in Australia. 

Keep in mind also for making a minimum student visa you must be 6 years old. While the cost of making a Student Visa that has been determined by the Australian party is AU $ 575. 

For those of you who are 18 years old, there is no doubt that you can apply for a visa for your guardians. This visa, commonly called a student guardian, can be obtained for a fee of $575, with a maximum of five years. 

For those of you who are only taking a short course, regarding your work while in your home country, you can apply for visa training. The cost of this visa is a $285 air force with a two-year stay. 

How to Make an Australian Visa 

After determining the visa you wish to make, select a visa subclass (appropriate to the visa you want), and download an appropriate visa application immediately. For download, you can do it officially on the page of the Australian embassy