With the Atlantic Ocean on its one side and Biscayne Bay on the other, Miami is the seventh-largest city in the US. It contributes significantly to the country’s infrastructure, financial markets, and international trade. The city was recently rated Beta+ on the Globalization and World Cities, making it a highly cosmopolitan city.

The city has an extensive coastline and therefore has many cases of maritime injury. A Miami maritime lawyer is ideal for assisting you with your maritime injury case. Maritime law is more complicated than other law practices because it comprises torts, injuries, contracts, and offenses in navigable waters.

Therefore, having an expert deal with your claim is the best solution. Here are the qualities that your maritime attorney should have to defend you properly.

Communication Skills

When you talk to the attorney, they should be able to explain things to you with ease. Similarly, they should speak with their peers, the jury, and the judge with equal ease. Therefore, the attorney’s communication skills are very critical.

Excellent Negotiator

Personal injury cases are all about negotiation. Your lawyer should use the information to their advantage, maximize your leverage, present your case from fair, objective criteria, design and offer-concession strategy that is in your favor, and control the agenda of the negotiation. When they employ these skills, they ensure that the negotiation is favorable to your case.


This is important in all professions, but all the more for a Miami maritime lawyer. It means that they should not stoop to dubious tactics to win the case. It should be won based on credible evidence and superior negotiation skills. They also need to ensure that they maintain a high level of confidentiality when it comes to your case. They should not discuss any facts or case details with those not involved in the case.

Investigative Skills

Lawyers need a level of detective skills. Since maritime law is highly complex, they need to be able to investigate the various laws that apply to the case and prepare a suitable defense.

Analytical Skills

After the investigation is complete, your attorney should analyze it to make a strong case in your favor. Examining the evidence will help find loopholes that can tip the scale toward you.


Negotiations call for a combination of aggressive and submissive behavior. A lawyer should know when to employ which traits. The investigation also needs a level of aggression. When they are passionate about the cause, they will defend you aggressively.


All of us know that certain Judges have particular predilections. When attorneys have resources, they can pull a few strings to have your case be heard in front of a Judge who may be likely to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

Unintentional drowning is the 4th leading cause of injury and costs nearly $2 million in ED visits in Miami. As a resident of Miami, you need a Miami maritime lawyer to be at your side in case of a maritime injury. The above skills are what your lawyer needs to have to represent you fittingly.