The rapid development of the automotive world in recent years has forced all manufacturers to develop their products to get better innovation and technology from all aspects than legacy compared to previous models. With better innovation and technology, it will be very easy to attract consumers. Talking about innovation and technology, the popular thing nowadays is about electric vehicles that have been created, namely the Zero SR FX 12.5. If you are interested in buying an SR FX 12.5, you can buy it on Wheels Motorcycle. Wheels is the largest motorcycle dealer Zero bikes UK in East Anglia that offers Zero SR FX 12.5 at affordable prices.

Zero Motorcycles perfected all line-ups for the latest models, claimed to have a 19 percent greater torque, an 11 percent increase in power while becoming electric motor massive production with the longest farthest distance.

The secret of the strength comes from the Zero Z-Force motor, including permanent motor magnets with increased temperature threshold and higher amperage motor control. This means the instant torque of 146 Nm can be sprayed, more than any gasoline motor. Zero S and SR are divided into three models, S ZF6.5 11kW, S ZF13.0 11kW, and S ZF13.0. All carrying a more compact battery and save 43 kg. Smaller batteries successfully increase storage space.

Then there is the Zero DS, a model with an adventure style that is equipped with high fender and two inner tires. DS is powered by a motor that is the same as S. if you want something more powerful, Zero Motorcycles offers DSR. There is another, Zero FX, which is an exploratory electric motor, accompanied by FXS which is a super moto type. Unlike the others, these two models have integrated batteries that lighter and reduce production costs.

Zero S, SR, DS, and DSR are equipped with water-saving storage compartments in the fuel tank area. It claimed this space is sufficient for storing glove, glasses, and cell phone at the same time. Other features, there are applications for setting performance characteristics such as maximum torque and speed, as well as seeing how the battery status and energy consumption. All Zero Motorcycles models are available in November this year.